opal11 ([personal profile] opal11) wrote on October 21st, 2009 at 05:33 pm
Episode 1-01 COMING OR GOING..?
I was commenting on the European marathon on episode 1-01, and I was beginning
To write my comment on “are you coming or going” when it hit me like a ton of bricks! Cowlip
loves forshadowing and they start right off the bat with this scene, and tell us in just
15 words what is going to happen to Brian and Justin..

This is the scene:

Brian begins to undress, become naked (thank you btw) baring himself, showing himself to Justin that he has nothing to hide, and with his arms wide open says:

B- “So are you coming or going?
Or coming and then going?
Or coming and staying?”

The first line is Justin coming into Brian’s life only to GO due to the bashing, he was essentially gone, because he was in a coma and then in rehab for 6 months. Justin wasn’t planning on leaving, that’s why Brian recites the line quickly. The bashing happened quickly, Justin was there and then not there.

The second line, the way Brian says it” Or coming and THEN going”.
This is Justin leaving for Ethan. Justin came back into Brian’s life AND THEN he goes to Ethan.

The third line is Justin coming back and staying, even though Brian and Justin are not in the
Same state, they are together.

Justin does leave Brian in episode 5-06, but the bashing and Ethan were bigger moments
In their lives.

So what do you think..? any comments..?
thank you to etextraordinary for her help and support..!!
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