30 January 2010 @ 03:52 pm
Orpheus Descending...  
I went and saw the play last night, and really really enjoyed myself, the entire cast is totally amazing.!! The whole play takes place in a mercantile store and confectionary. Gale is mesmerizing and his part would be considered the lead. 
I was talking to the gentleman sitting next to me (Bob) during the 1st intermission, who is a fellow actor himself, and knew several of the actors in the play, was very very gracious to introduce me to the cast, and to Gale himself, I was dumbstruck and spit out something like..” I have admired your work, and I really enjoyed the play”. Luke Perry was in the audience and he too came up to Gale and told him how much he enjoyed his performance.
All in all I really had a memorable evening with my Cinderella  moment..ahhhh..

Current Mood: giddy